Have you ever heard about HackerRank!?

Have you ever heard about HackerRank!?

HackerRank is a technology hiring platform that enables tech recruiters to evaluate the job candidate objectively. I wanted to brush up on my C programming language knowledge and start do learn C++ when I ran into HackerRank.

This platform is fantastic! You can solve several problems to achieve a high level of programming language proficiency in C, C++, Java, Python,
, etc. There are also tutorials like “30 Days of Code” and “10 Days of Statistics”. I particularly liked the “Problem Solving” section, it sharpens your ability to think outside the box. It is noteworthy that every proposed problem has a “Discussions” section where you can talk about the solution with other people.

They have a star reward system, that motivates you to keep programming, and a coin called “Hackos”, which also stimulates you to keep the attendance and helps you with problems solution. In addition, there is the “Leaderboard” organized by subjects. In this way, the platform works like a game and you don’t feel you are studying.

They have so many features that I haven’t had the chance to look into everything. For example, they also helps you to develop specialized skills like Artificial Intelligence, SQL and Databases and Regex.

You can check out my profile and the way I solve the problems at this link! If you want to point out where I can improve the code, please let me know!!

I hope you have a lot of fun with HackerRank!! Enjoy it!

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