Michelle Cavalcanti Maia

Electronics Engineer

32 years old / Brazilian
Dublin, Ireland

Academic Background

04/2018 - 08/2018German Language Course
WIPA GmbH, Berlin, Germany
German language course with telc German B2 Certificate
11/2015 - 07/2016Integration Course
Berlitz, Berlin, Germany
German language course with telc German B1 Certificate and "Leben in Deutschland" Certificate
03/2014 - 09/2015Specialization Course in Embedded Systems (postgraduate)
University of Pernambuco - UPE, Recife, Brazil
Diploma Project: "Development of dual-band embedded system capable of behaving as a node in a wireless sensor network"
  • Hardware and PCB layout design with an ARM Cortex-M0+ based microcontroller, RF modules (MX-05V 433MHz receiver, MX-FS-03V 433MHz transmitter and nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver), battery charger circuit, micro SD card reader, USB device interface and RGB LED
  • Firmware development with C language and the FreeRTOS real-time operating system
05/2007 - 07/2013Bachelor Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Federal University of Pernambuco - UFPE, Recife, Brazil
Bachelors Dissertation: Multimedia sound system with remote access interface on Android devices"
  • Firmware, hardware and PCB layout design of an MP3, WAV and FM radio player with STM32F407 ARM microcontroller from ST, SDCard and USB flash drive reader, speaker, headphone output, alphanumeric LCD display, keys, battery charger circuit and communication with Android system via HC-05 Bluetooth module

Professional Background

07/2014 - 12/2014Electronics Engineer - CONSORCIO TBK, Recife, Brazil
(Consortium of companies, providing a tracking system connected with the mobile network for monitoring and controlling water supplies)
  • Documentation of existing firmware, creating state machine diagrams through ArgoUML Software
  • Fixing existing hardware and firmware issues and bugs of live tracking system
  • Hardware and PCB layout design of overvoltage protection circuits
  • Code integration between the system and the iCLASS SE Reader Module with RFID technology
  • Hardware upgrade design with a K64F microcontroller from NXP
11/2013 - 06/2014Electronics Engineer - CALTECH LTDA, Recife, Brazil
(Development company of laboratory equipment)
  • Firmware and hardware design of a portable equipment for diagnosis of dengue fever, based on ELINOR technology, with Arduino platform and the OV7670 OmniVision camera
09/2011 - 06/2012Hardware Development Trainee - FITec, Recife, Brazil
(Private foundation focused in software development and electronic equipments design)
  • Firmware, hardware and PCB layout design of an embedded system with LPC1112 NXP microcontroller, which is responsible for counting and storing the occurrences of voltage surges, measuring of RMS voltage, RMS current, power consumption and communication with Android system via HC-05 Bluetooth module
  • Firmware design of a system for testing nobreak voltage output: through an alphanumeric LCD display and keys to choose between 6 levels of charge consumption, 7 levels of input AC voltage and UPS battery DC voltage level
  • Test of hardware and firmware operation (including troubleshooting, circuit optimization)
  • Price quotation for the PCB manufacture and the electronic components purchase
08/2008 - 06/2010Scholarship Student - LDN-UFPE Laboratory, Recife, Brazil
(University Laboratory for research and development of electronic devices and systems)
  • Design and development of a data acquisition board for electrical grid analysis
  • Using ZigBee wireless technology with the XB24-AWI-001 XBee Module
  • Java desktop application development for statistical analysis and graphical visualization in real time
  • Paper presentation in COBENGE 2009 (Brazilian Congress of Engineering Education): “Didactic experiments in Zigbee wireless network: Monitoring and Instrumentation”, also authored by E. J. P. Santos, E. A. B. Santos, H. U. Dornelas e J. B. de Medeiros Jr.

Relevant Skills

Embedded C firmware development Firmware development using ESP8266 module and microcontrollers: LPC1112, MC9S08GT16A and Kinetis (with FRDM Development Platform) from NXP; PIC and ATMega (with Arduino Platform) from Microchip; STM32 from ST; MSP430 from TI
Assembly programming language Firmware development for PIC microcontroller
Software environments for microcontrollers KDS, CCS C Compiler, CCS from TI, IAR, MPLAB, CodeWarrior, Keil and Arduino IDE
VHDL hardware description language Firmware development using Altera DE2-115 Board and Quartus II Web Edition Software
PCB layout design software TraxMaker, Proteus PCB Design and Altium Designer
Circuit simulation software LTspice, PSpice, Proteus, Fritzing, CircuitMaker and Altium Designer
Software environments with C/C++ and Java programming languages Desktop applications development using Dev-C++, CodeLite IDE, NetBeans IDE and Processing IDE
HTML, CSS, PHP script language and MySQL database Web application development for connecting and persisting embedded system sensor data
Components soldering THT and SMT assembly
Languages Portuguese - Native Language
German - Good knowledge (B2 Certificate telc)
English - Advanced